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Artegis Law Group consists of a hand-selected team of high-caliber patent practitioners who are one-hundred percent dedicated to excellence and client service. "Artegis" is derived from the combination of the Latin word, "artificium," meaning trade/craft, and the Latin word, "legis," meaning law. The name "Artegis" symbolizes our commitment to excellence and emphasizes equally the importance of both technical acumen and legal sophistication in patent practice. Just as innovation and invention is a creative process, drafting quality patent applications and developing cogent patent portfolio strategies involves creativity as well as a deep understanding of all of the relevant technical and legal issues at hand.

The watermark symbol in our logo is an impression of the Antikythera mechanism, a complex instrument believed to be the world's first analog computer. The Antikythera mechanism was designed by Greek scientists and used to predict, among other things, astronomical positions and eclipses with significant precision. Like our name, the symbol of the Antikythera mechanism signifies technical complexity and attention to craftsmanship.

As represented by both our name and logo, the professionals at Artegis Law Group are committed to providing high-quality, exceptionally-crafted work product for our clients that is both technically precise and legally sound.

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